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  1. Set up the filter and insert the filter pads as per the diagram on the reverse of this page.
  2. Circulate sulphite solution through the unit for two minutes to sanitize the hoses and pads.
  3. Run through 1 gallon of fresh water to rinse out the sulphite solution.
  4. Start filtering your wine from your full fermentor, through the filter, into an empty fermentor. This should take aa about 15 minutes.
  5. Syphon your now filtered wine into your bottles.
  6. Remove the pads and run fresh water through the pump and then rinse all plates and hoses with fresh water. Discard the used pads.

If the filter does not start pumping immediately you may have to re-prime the pump. To do this, simply suck on the small hose that enters the plates as is if you were starting a syphon. When you get water into the pump housing, re-attach the hose to the plates and turn on the filter.

Avoiding Problems

  1. Cloudy wine will result from following:
    • Trying to filter a wine that has not cleared on its own: Filters are used to polish clear wines (not to clear cloudy wines) The function of a filter is to polish a clear wine.
    • Knocking up sediment while filtering: A teaspoon of sediment can plug filter pads. To avoid this problem, syphon your clear wine off the sediment prior to running it through the filter.
    • Filtering directly into your wine bottles: By pinching off the hose between bottles you will build up pressure and force particles through the pads that would not normally go through.
  2. The fittings that attach the hoses to the pump housing need to be treated with care. When attaching them to the pump housing rotate them as you put them on to avoid kinking the rubber O-ring. A small amount of Vaseline can make this easier.
  3. Make sure that the hose from the drip tray is not submerged in liquid or it will not drain.


If you are experiencing excessive leaking or spraying, your filter pads are probably plugged and will need to be replaced. Follow the above instructions and your wine will be perfectly polished!