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2 Steps to Make Cleaning Your Bottles Easy:

  1. Always Rinse Your Bottles with hot water once you’ve emptied them. This avoids the problem of dried residue which can be a bother later on when you are washing your bottles for your next batch.
  2. Use our in-store Automatic Bottle Washer. It holds 30 bottles and cleans and sterilizes them in as little as 5 minutes. Simply bring in your bottles, load the washer and before you know it they’re cleaned, sanitized and ready for you to take home and bottle.

If it’s not convenient to use one of our in-store Automatic Bottle Washers and you are going to clean your bottles by hand make sure you use either Aseptox or Diversol (Sparkle-Brite) to clean and sanitize your bottles.

Aseptox does a great job removing light to medium residue from your bottles and will sanitize with about 60 seconds of contact. It’s also a no rinse cleaner sanitizer so it’s quick and easy to use.

For heavy cleaning jobs on really dirty bottles you will want to use Sparkle Brite. It is a chlorine based cleaner and will remove heavy residue from your bottles. It does however require about a 20 minute soak time to effectively sanitize. It’s also very important to rinse Sparkle-Brite as it is a chlorine base cleaner and you do not want to have any left in your bottles.

Remember- you do need to remove any residue so physical agitation may be required- be it with high pressure water or a bottle brush. Do not use dish detergents as they are often scented and it’s very difficult to rinse away the bubbles.

The tools listed below will go a long way in making your bottle washing a lot easier:

Bottle Brush: Great for removing stubborn residue from the inside of bottles.

Bottle Washer: Attaches to your faucet and shoots a high pressure spray of water into your bottles. Great for removing stubborn residue and rinsing.

Avinatore: Also known as a sulphiter- this handy dish pumps sanitizer into your bottles. A very quick way to sanitize clean bottles.

Bottle Tree: This handy ‘drying rack’ keeps your bottles organized while cleaning and bottling. Holds 36 bottles.