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Ready Brew Beers

909 Pale Ale

The Ready Brew 909 Pale Ale by the Paddock Wood Brewing Company is a unique, English-style IPA brewed with American hops. The same recipe as Paddock Wood’s Commercial 606 Pale Ale. A rich blend of malt rolls through and supports a load of characterful American hops. Yeast included.

  • Alcohol 5.5%
  • Time to Ready 3-4 weeks
  • Yield ~48 x 473ml
  • Price $72.99

Brand Ready Brew Beers

ALL GRAIN WORT- THAT'S READY TO BREW. Made by the Award-Winning Paddock Wood Brewing Co.- Ready Brew beers are made in the same brewery as their commercial beers. Paddock Wood mills and mashes the grains and then each batch gets a full 90 minute boil with fresh hops which is then packaged for us... and ready to brew for you! Ready in about 3 weeks.