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Winexpert Private Reserve

Bruno, Italy

Sold Out! Icons are not made overnight and Winexpert Private Reserve Limited Release BRUNO is no different!

Montalcino, a small hilltop town in Tuscany, is the birthplace of Brunello. Red wines, usually blends, have been produced there since the 14th century; the Brunello style we know today emerged in the late 1800s when one winemaker began vinifying Sangiovese on its own, revolutionizing winemaking in the region. Brunello style wines are now considered the finest expression of the Sangiovese grape and celebrated for their unique combination of bold fruit flavours, high tannin, and high acidity. Brunello is one of Italy’s – and the world’s – most revered red wines… and start at more than $50 a bottle at the liquor store!

BRUNO is Sangiovese at its best. The nose showcases aromas of black cherry and plum, teasing notes of leather and sandalwood. On the palate black cherry, black plum, and wild berry flavours take center stage, supported by notes of dried herb, vanilla, tobacco and spice with hints of earth.

BRUNO exudes power and finesse with a full body, firm velvety tannin, well-balanced acidity and a long flavourful finish.

Pair BRUNO with strong foods that match the wine’s powerful flavour. Try bone-in Tuscan-style steak with fresh herbs, veal parmigiana, rich meaty pasta sauces, earthy mushroom risotto, or strong cheeses.

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  • Alcohol 14%
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Body Full
  • Oak Heavy
  • Time to Ready 6 weeks
  • Yield ~30 x 750ml
  • Price $179.99
Sold Out

Brand Winexpert Private Reserve

SIMPLY THE VERY BEST WINE YOU CAN MAKE. Looking for the highest quality wine to satisfy the most discerning tastes? Winexpert Private ReserveTM truly delivers. This outstanding series features the finest varietal juices from the world’s best growing regions – like Piedmont and Stag’s Leap District. Experience the highest level of craftsmanship and satisfaction that comes with creating the most exceptional wines from around the world. From a robust red made with crushed grape skins to a bright and crisp white, Winexpert Private ReserveTM never disappoints. Ready to bottle in just 6 weeks.

Varietal Brunello

The Brunello grape has a unique history. Originally thought to be an individual variety grown in the Montalcino region of Tuscany- it was later determined that Sangiovese and Brunello were the same grape variety. In Montalcino however they felt different- and Brunello evolved into a designation of a wine produced with 100% Sangiovese. Brunello is one of Italy's most respected wines and is world-renowned. Brunello has big red fruit flavours and with layers of herbs, vanilla and spice. It has a long finish thanks to its velvety tannins and good acidity. And of course... Brunello pairs with Italian dishes!

Region Italy

Italy is an ‘Old World’ growing region making a variety of styles of wine. Famous for the white Pinot Grigio grape and of course its reds including Amarone, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and others. Of course Italian wines pair very well with Italian foods.

Sweetness Dry

Dry wines like Cabernet and Pinot Grigio have no perceptible amount of sweetness to the drinker and will often be detected as having a drying character in the mouth.

Body Full

The big wines that can stand on their own. Often premium wines with higher tannins, alcohol levels and oaking levels as they all factor in a bigger tasting wine.

Oak Heavy

Big reds like Cabernet and ultra premium wines will have higher levels of oak as it adds to the complexity and finish that wine drinkers expect.