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Winexpert Reserve

Carmenère, Chile

Our Carmenère has aromas and flavours of blackberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, and spice. Enjoy notes of coffee, mocha, and tobacco when aged. A mineral tang that forms as part of the lengthy finish. The wine is medium to full-bodied with bright ruby colour.

Carmenère shows best when processed with extended oak contact. We utilize our break-through, two-stage oaking system. Hungarian oak shavings are introduced at the start of fermentation. Hungarian oak cubes offer further extraction during the post-fermentation stage.

  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Body Medium
  • Oak Medium
  • Time to Ready 6 weeks
  • Yield ~30 x 750ml
  • Price $129.99

Brand Winexpert Reserve

PREMIUM STYLES. OUTSTANDING WINE. Looking for a premium wine with exceptional body, flavour and aroma?Winexpert ReserveTM the world’s most sought after grape growing countries. Join the celebration and experience the satisfaction of crafting outstanding premium wines with wow factor - from a supple, buttery Chardonnay to a confident, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon - the world is at your doorstep. Ready to bottle in just 6 weeks.

Varietal Carmenère

One of the original Bordeaux grapes of France- Caremènére was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in Chile in 1994. Similar to Merlot- Caremènére is a medium-bodied red wine with red fruit and berry aromas and flavors. The wine’s higher acidity and medium tannins make it an easy choice for a variety of meat dishes.

Region Chile

Chile is a 'New World' Growing region that is envied for it’s climate and growing conditions. They can grow just about any varietal but is well know for Cabernet, Merlot and Carmènere.

Sweetness Dry

Dry wines like Cabernet and Pinot Grigio have no perceptible amount of sweetness to the drinker and will often be detected as having a drying character in the mouth.

Body Medium

Great for food, medium bodied wines typically have alcohol levels below 14% and less oak.

Oak Medium

Most red wines will have at least a medium oak level as it is an expected part of the taste of a red wine.