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VineCo Original Series

Shiraz Viognier

Sold Out! Vineco Original Series Limited Release Shiraz Viognier is a unique treat. We all know about Shiraz and it’s popularity- but in this case it’s blended with Viognier.

“But isn’t Viognier a white grape” you say? Yes it is! Viognier has traditionally been blended with red grapes like Shiraz for years. “Why” you ask? Because Viognier is known for it’s full-body and big, heady aromatics- allowing a small amount of Viognier to easily amplify the aromatics of a red wine.

The resulting wine boasts ripe fruit aromas of dark cherry, raspberry and plum with savoury herb and peppery notes. It’s a full-bodied, smooth red wine with supple tannins and a lingering finish. A unique wine experience!

Labels included.

  • Alcohol 13%
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Body Medium-Full
  • Oak Medium
  • Time to Ready 4 weeks
  • Yield ~30 x 750ml
  • Price $89.99
Sold Out

Brand VineCo Original Series

WHEN YOU WANT AN ALL-AROUND EASY DRINKING WINE TO SUIT ANY OCCASION. VineCo Original Series TM – approachable and delicious wines to have on hand for all of life’s special (and not so special) events. Join us on a tour of the most popular wine growing countries and experience the truly satisfying feeling of crafting your very own stellar wines. From Italy to Australia, delicious adventure awaits. Ready to bottle in just 4 weeks.

Varietal Shiraz

Due to the popularity of Australian wines this grape is now probably better known to most wine drinkers as Shiraz, however in France (its original home) and most growing regions of the world it is still known as Syrah. While largely a blending grape in the Rhone region wines of France, most other growing regions feature Shiraz on its own. Look for nice berry flavours with a lively spiciness- very enjoyable.

Varietal Viognier

A rich, white wine that originated in the Northern Rhône and is rapidly growing in popularity in California and beyond. A heady and aromotic wine that offers flavours of tangerine, peach, mango and honeysuckle. With its perfumed aromas- Viognier is often blended with other grapes to provide an aromatic boost to the finished wines.

Region Australia

Australia is a 'New World' growing region that made Syrah more famously known as Shiraz. Australia started the trend of producing single varietal wines featuring grapes traditionally blended by ‘Old World’ winemakers. Typically full bodied wines with good fruit.

Sweetness Dry

Dry wines like Cabernet and Pinot Grigio have no perceptible amount of sweetness to the drinker and will often be detected as having a drying character in the mouth.

Body Medium-Full

Typically wines featuring grapes that naturally have bigger flavours and may have higher tannins, oaking or alcohol levels.

Oak Medium

Most red wines will have at least a medium oak level as it is an expected part of the taste of a red wine.