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VineCo Global Passport 2022

Tempranillo Bobal

Coming February 2022. Experience Spain with this juicy blend of Tempranillo and Bobal, two of the most widely planted varieties in Spain. Ripe fruits of dark cherry, strawberry and blackberry are complimented by notes of plum and fig preserve. Toasted oak brings hints of vanilla bean and baking spice. This medium bodied wine delivers freshness and balance with well- structured tannins and a long lingering finish. 30 Labels included.

  • Alcohol 13%
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Body Medium
  • Oak Medium
  • Time to Ready 6-8 weeks
  • Yield ~30 x 750ml
  • Price $148.99
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Brand VineCo Global Passport 2022

The VineCo™ Global Passport Series takes us on a new adventure to the most prominent well-respected wine regions – from highly t outed up-and-coming regions to age old vineyards with long histories. A range of classic varietals to charismatic blends, this limited release wines are available for a short time by reservation only.

Varietal Bobal

Bobal is not well known but is the second most planted grape in Spain! Bobal wines are known for their fruity flavours, soft tannins and velvety finish. If you enjoy wines like Pinot Noir you will enjoy Bobal.

Varietal Tempranillo

This Spanish favourite offers cherry and red fruit flavours with earthy notes and hints of vanilla notes from oak. The flavours are big but not overpowering. Tempranillo is the dominant grape in Spain's framous Rioja blends.

Region Manchuela, Spain

Manchuela is framed by the Júcar and Cabriel rivers, whose sediments make up the limestone-based clay soils. Two large reservoirs to the north provide irrigation during the very dry growing season. Vineyards here are 600-1000m above sea level; the altitude has a cooling effect and combines with fresh Mediterranean winds to moderate the hot summer days. This helps slow ripening, resulting in white grapes that produce fresh, fruity wines with good acidity. Manchuela's red wines show excellent flavour, colour and mouthfeel.

Sweetness Dry

Dry wines like Cabernet and Pinot Grigio have no perceptible amount of sweetness to the drinker and will often be detected as having a drying character in the mouth.

Body Medium

Great for food, medium bodied wines typically have alcohol levels below 14% and less oak.

Oak Medium

Most red wines will have at least a medium oak level as it is an expected part of the taste of a red wine.