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Wine Sense has several options for bottling your wine. Each one has specific benefits. The most important thing to remember is that sanitation and cleanliness is a must no matter what type of vessel you choose.

750ml Wine Bottles: The 750ml bottle is the most popular size for bottling wine and is the standard for the wine industry. Choose from Green Bordeaux and Clear Bordeaux.

White, blush and Mist wines are typically bottled in clear bottles. This tends to show off their clarity and colour. Red wines are traditionally bottled in green bottles. Bottle colour will not affect the storage capability of the bottle.

1 litre Green Bordeaux Bottles: This larger format bottle means you need less bottles, less corks and as a result less time to bottle your wine.

375ml Wine Bottles: Half the size of the standard wine bottle, these bottles have many benefits. They are a great size for those who do not consume wine quickly. You do not have to worry about a half full bottle of wine oxidizing if you are not going to consume it at one sitting. They are also a great size for gift giving. Many people are making wine for weddings and will use the 375ml bottles as gifts for their guests to take home. 375ml bottles are also a nice size for Ice wines and dessert wines. These specialty wines are generally not consumed as fast as table wines.

The Wine-On-Tap: Ideal for short term bulk storage the Wine-On-Tap is a great convenience for the home winemaker. Simply fill the pre-sanitized 7 litre bag and put it in the dispensing box. It fits conveniently on your kitchen counter or in the fridge. The wine-in-a-box concept allows you serve wine on tap with no concern for oxidation as the bag collapses as it is emptied. The pre-sanitized bags will store wine for up to six months and make bottling a breeze as they save you time from cleaning bottles and corking. One 7-litre bag holds about 9 bottles so you can do a full batch with three bags or use one bag and bottle the rest.

4 litre Bag-in-Box: Offers all the benefits of the Wine-on-Tap in a smaller format (holds approx. 5 bottles) and features a re-usable and recyclable cardboard dispensing box.

Wine-to-Go Bags: These very handy bags hold 3 litres (4 bottles). Simply pop the spout, fill the pre-sanitized bag and put the spout back in. Wine-to-Go Bags wills stand up on their own, fit in the fridge and are perfect for camping or transporting to the lake.

Finally, storage temperature is important in the long term health and development of your wine in the bottle. The best storage temperature is from 7º – 20ºC or 45º-68ºF. Warmer temperatures are acceptable but your wine will not store as well over the long run . If you are not able to store at the cooler temperature range be sure to minimize temperature fluctuation in you storage area.