We selected the store Dakota (Winnipeg, MB) for you. Take a look at it's location and on-site services to make sure you're set.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because every batch should taste great!

If we made it

1) Make sure you store your beer in a cold place

Like good craft beer it is not pasteurized. That means you want to keep it cold and drink it fresh.

2) Bring in two cans of your beer or cider

We’ll want to give it a taste to see if there are any issues or to help us choose a beer that is more preferable to your palate to replace it. 

If you made it

1) Save the date and code numbers on the back of the box

Write them down and keep them handy just in case. 

2) Follow your beer or cider kit’s instructions and use the proper cleaner and sanitizers.

You must use Star San and PBW to clean and sanitize when making Ready Brew beers.

3) Let your beer or cider age at least 14 days in the bottle

Your beer and cider need about two weeks in the bottle in a warm place (when using in bottle fermentation) to carbonate.

4) Bring in a bottle of your beer or cider

Our staff will taste you beer or cider to see if they can identify an problems that can be avoided in the future.

You're free and clear, because we guarantee our beer... and cider.

We’re so confident in the beer and cider kits we sell that we guarantee them 100%. If for ANY REASON you are not happy with your finished beer or cider—we will replace it for FREE!

Please note that beer made in our in-store brewery must be stored cold and is guaranteed for 12 weeks after canning date.

Sorry—but we are unable to replace beer or cider that has been discarded before you contact your store!