We selected the store Dakota (Winnipeg, MB) for you. Take a look at it's location and on-site services to make sure you're set.

Bottle it and bring it home

Each Wine Sense store has all of the equipment you’ll need to clean your bottles, fill them, cork them, and dress them up with labels and shrink wrap tops.

Bottles and Containers

Our wines yield about 30 x 750ml bottles or approximately 23L. You’re welcome to bring your own bottles and make use of our commercial winery grade bottle washer to prepare them for filling. 

Additional bottles of all sorts can be purchased in-store, as well as a selection of wine bags and other containers.

Labels and Shrink Wraps

A sharp lookin’ label and a shrink wrap finish off a bottle like nothing else. Some wines include labels. Additional labels, custom labels, and shrink wraps can all be purchased in-store at the time of bottling.