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We make it - You Save

It’s winemaking on easy-mode. You choose your wine and our winemakers do the rest.

Our in-store wineries take any guess work and investment out of winemaking.  And best of all, it’s still a fraction of the cost compared to the wine shop. Wine made in our in-store wineries is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Any equipment required is supplied by us. All that you need to do is sprinkle some yeast, collect some bottles (which we can supply as well), and come on down to bottle your wine to take home and ENJOY!

Select your wine from our list and choose one of the available winery package service levels.

You’ll be able to select in-store or at home for pre-orders and wines that you put deposits on when they arrive in our stores. Don’t worry, we’ll call you and take care of it.

Thirsty to get started?!

Step 1: A little sprinkle to start it off

In-store wine making starts off with having our experienced winemakers prepare your selected wine for primary fermentation. The only thing you need to do is sprinkle in the yeast, which is required by government regulations. We’ll take care of everything after that. 

When you buy your wine in-store, your wine will be prepared immediately so you can sprinkle (“pitch”) your yeast right away. Congratulations! Your wine is in the making! 

When you buy your wine through this site, pop-in to your chosen Wine Sense location and we’ll immediately prepare your wine so you can sprinkle (“pitch”) your yeast right away. Congratulations! Your wine is in the making! 

Next up, we’ll schedule a time for you to come back and bottle it. In the meantime, we’ll be busy over the next few weeks tending to your wine as if it was our own; making sure it’s the right temperature, monitoring its fermentation, filtering it, and helping it grow up into a tasty delight.

Step 2: B-Y-O-Bottles and bring it home

The second and last step of our in-store winery story is bottling your wine and bringing it home. Each store has a winery-grade bottle washer, bottle-filling station, pneumatic wine corker, label cradle and shrink wrap applicator to make the whole process a cake walk. All that you need to do is bring in your bottles and you’re set. Talk to our staff about alternate containers. We have new bottles for sale in store as well.

Our helpful staff will guide you every step of the way and our professional bottling stations make it fun and easy. You’re typically done in less than 30 minutes. Wine Sense customers love bottling time! 

Feeling inspired? Choose from our stock wine labels, custom wine labels and shrink wraps that you can buy in-store to dress up your wine.

Have fun with it!